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Revolutionizing Organ Donation

Organ Finder aims to combine compassionate healthcare with innovative technology to revolutionize organ donation globally, ensuring efficient, secure, life-saving matches

Our Mission

Hope and Compassion Meets Innovation in Organ Donation

At Organ Finder, we're not just revolutionizing the organ donation process; we're weaving empathy into the fabric of healthcare technology. Our international organ-matching platform is a beacon of hope, harnessing cutting-edge technology to bridge the gap between need and availability. We're committed to transforming lives globally through swift, accurate matches that significantly reduce waiting times and enhance outcomes.

In collaboration with leading healthcare institutions and technology partners, we ensure our platform is innovative but also efficient, secure, and compliant with the highest standards. Our approach prioritizes the dignity and journey of each patient, supported by authentic success stories that inspire our work.

As we look to the future, our vision extends beyond today's solutions. We're building a sustainable, scalable model that adapts to the evolving needs of healthcare systems worldwide.


Our mission is clear: to improve and save lives through a tech-enabled organ availability platform that resonates with the heart of humanity.

Together, we're not just changing the organ donation landscape; we're creating a world where every life counts, and every solution is a step towards a healthier, more connected global community.

Our Journey So Far



Omid Aslani, our founder, began his journey at a leading global kidney dialysis healthcare provider. There, he witnessed the struggles of countless individuals grappling with kidney failure and undergoing dialysis treatment.

For those facing kidney failure, regular dialysis becomes a critical lifeline, essentially replicating kidney functions. Currently, the only path to ending dialysis reliance is a successful kidney transplant. Despite the significant investment, running into billions of dollars annually, in dialysis services aimed at preserving lives, the harsh reality is that the average life expectancy for patients on dialysis ranges between 5 to 10 years.

Deeply moved by this situation, Mr. Aslani was driven by a profound conviction. There must be a more effective and compassionate approach to not only extend lives but also reduce these patients' suffering significantly.



Moved by the plight of patients enduring dialysis while awaiting kidney transplants, Mr. Aslani engaged in extensive research and dialogue with nephrologists and hospitals. His goal was to explore a groundbreaking concept that could drastically reduce suffering and save the lives of those waiting for organ transplants.

In an industry often focused more on sustaining dialysis rather than solving the organ shortage, Mr. Aslani was determined to prove his innovative idea. He initiated prototypes in selected hospitals, aiming to establish a network of donors and foster transparency to increase organ donations. His ultimate mission: to significantly alleviate human suffering and save at least one life.

Performing Surgery


Organ Donation Resources

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